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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Orange — My Favorite Color Board: My First Pin, Orange Kitties!

Orange kitties are such a marvel. What made God and nature decide to move a few genes here and there and come up with cats who are so delightful? Orange kitties tend to be males and they also tend to be more intelligent than cats of other colors. It’s a mystery whether this is genetic or the result of the orange kits in a litter receiving more handling and coos of admiration from human cat lovers. The theory is that this “good stress” causes the little gingers’ brains to develop in more complex ways.

People everywhere seem to admire orange cats. In fact their appearance in the artwork of nations exactly follows the expansion of trade routes by ship. It seems that sailors liked to take a long a nice orange cat, then the cat either became a gift to an admirer at some port, or left behind its seed in the manner of sailors everywhere — and soon someone had a nice orange cat of their own to put into a painting.

The little orange fellows in this photo were just too dear not to pin. Look how deeply they sleep, completely relaxed together and secure and happy. And their little tabby coats remind me of stripey pajamas. Too dear for words!

Hello, Fellow Pinteresters!

I love Pinterest and spend a deal of time on the site.

My boards reflect me and my many, many interests. I try to make them as pleasing as they can be — I write my captions to interest and share information or just plain fun.

Because there is a method to my madness when it comes to Pinterest, I decided to start a blog to reflect on my boards, my subjects, and the rational, intuitive, impulsive, image-greedy, eye-delighted choices that end up being a little facet of the Pinterest Me on my boards.

I am going to try to share some images here and talk about them with you.

Hoping to make many new Pinterest friends — and learn about why you, too, are a Pinterester!